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Welcome to our family.

United Badges of Honor, is the only existing organization of its kind. One that benefits every men and women in uniform, who serve and protect our communities, regardless of badges or entity.


Peace and freedom is something that our first responders and armed forces continue to fight for at home and abroad. Every day we are blessed to live in a free land where someone is always looking out for our safety. While in movies and comic books, heroes are portrayed as larger-than-life, having super powers and flashy costumes. But here in the real world, HEROES are our firefighters, law enforcement officers, first responders and military personnel who risk their lives daily to keep our community safe and to help others in their time of need.

One of the greatest gifts that we receive is one that comes largely from those we do not even know. Our way of life comes from the sacrifices and hard work of those who have served in our military, as well as in our fire and police departments.

“The love & pride in this family crest of first responders is a bond of “brotHERhood” that many haven’t had the privilege to experience. It’s the service and sacrifice; because with service comes great sacrifice”.

-Lourdes Sanchez-Breton, Founder


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